Can you have FUN FISHING whether or not you’re catching fish?

Well, can you?

One lesson I’ve learned during my, shall we say, checkered career (1 Man – 77 Jobs), is you can’t always change your reality, but you CAN always change your attitude.

Ever had a good fish on, fighting like crazy, and you pull in what you think is a “HUUUUUUGGGGE” bass, only to find a pickerel or carp on your hook?

And suddenly you went from elated to dang disappointed?

What exactly changed?

  • Not the fish. The fish was the same
  • Not the fight. The fight was the same.
  • Not the action. The action was the same.

What changed was your attitude. You didn’t WANT to catch THAT fish.

Reverse the process, and you had some fun anyway!

Embrace the fun first, and the results second. Focus on the experiences you have, not the ones you don’t.

Not Fishing Fun

BassHole Down!

I slipped on a river bank and missed almost all of the 2015 fishing season after tearing my patella tendon (no pain! Except for crawling over jagged rocks to get back to my car), so I subscribed to The Outdoor Channel (99% hunting, not fishing), watched Pro Bass Tournaments, joined BassMaster, and enjoyed YouTube fishing videos.

I found I had fun just LEARNING about fishing techniques, tactics, and strategies, without even getting NEAR a body of water.

Here are some of the places where I spent my time while sitting around NOT FISHING (an actual type of activity when you love to fish! WIFE: “What are you doing, honey?” ME: “I’m sitting in the living room NOT FISHING.”

Resources, Resources, Resources



Subscriptions (paid)

Fishing Maps

Still searching …

And of course there are TONS of other resources out there, and I’m sure you know of some I’ve never heard of! (And please tell me about your favorites!)

I’ll certainly offer more detail on these resources in future blog posts, but for now suffice it to say there’s a LOT of information available.

But I still wanted more fun!

So I thought it would be fun (and funny) to share humorous stories related to fishing. And so I started this blog.

But I also wanted to share YOUR Fish Tales.

Please send me YOUR stories!

I’d love to post YOUR stories:

  • Funny
  • Amazing
  • Instructive
  • Your description here

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer, or a standup comic, or a blogger (I’ve been all those and more), just send me your story with permission to post on my blog, and I’ll edit it, punch it up if necessary, and then share through my blog! It’s that easy!


I hope so! If you want to participate, simply click this button and share your tip:

Share Your Tips

I can’t wait to share YOUR stories!



So Who IS This BassHole (right back where we started)?

Long story short, I’m a

  • recovering nerd turned
  • clown college graduate turned
  • standup comic turned
  • legal secretary turned
  • clothing sales supervisor.

Ford Haven Farm

I was born and raised on a Vermont dairy farm.

I left as soon as I could.

First, college.

My self-intervention while in college during the Cold War spared me a life of science (chemistry) and mathematics (well, math).

After that, I, well, er, um, wandered aimlessly? Drifted from place to place? Held 77+ jobs?

Brenda, My Internet Bride

Eventually, marriage. I tried internet dating while back in Vermont. Posted a photo of me (fat, bald, old — I had all that going for me) holding a Thanksgiving Turkey.

A woman from New Hampshire wrote: “Are you the one on the right or the left?”

We’ve been married 17 years.


Bass Grass?

And how do these all relate to me writing this blog (or more importantly, YOU reading it)?

Obviously, I spent my time Learning A Living. To survive, I had to learn and apply new skills, and often, change my attitude toward my life work.

Now that I’m semi-retired, I can turn my love for learning to bass fishing (finally, something useful!).

And I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned with you; so please share YOUR stories with me and everyone else through this blog!

So sign up today! And start having MORE fun catching LESS fish and become another Smiling BassHole. (Of course you’ll have fun catching more fish, that’s just common sense.


Tight Lines & Kick Bass!

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

Young BassHole (and sister)

Old BassHole