ANGLR Tracker: Create Your Fishing Log by Pressing a Button!

For years, I’ve tried to maintain a fishing log, and failed.

When my fishing buddy, “Wadda BassHole,” showed me am Excel spreadsheet he was using to track March Madness basketball brackets, I told him he needed to create one for our fishing trips.

Instead, he discovered the ANGLR Tracker.

ANGLR Tracker

ANGLR Tracker

I took a look at Anglr Tracker, and after seeing the electronic log that is automatically created with the sensor through a bluetooth connection to your smart phone, tablet, or other device, I knew I had to have it.

My fishing buddy was also impressed, so he went ahead and bought one for his use.

Our first fishing trips have shown just how awesome this system is.

What it does

Here’s what the ANGLR Tracker can do for you:

  • Record every catch

ANGLR Tracker automatically detects fish on the line and logs catch locations in the angler app so you have a record of every bite.

However, it will also record weed snags as a catch. And as yet, I haven’t been able to figure out how to edit the Anglr Log to delete inaccurate catches.

  • Record every cast

ANGLR Tracker automatically records your casts to determine your cast-to-catch ratio.

Unfortunately, myANGLR Tracker device does not record casts. I contactedANGLR Tracker and they are sending me — at no charge — a replacement unit. Plus, they asked me to return my defective Tracker so they can diagnose the problem. In short, ANGLR Tracker provides awesome customer service!

  • Record tackle used

You can easily create a catalog of all the different types of tackle you use, as well as rods, and so know exactly what worked and when.

  • Record way-points

Mark key locations directly from your fishing rod so you’ll have a clear record of your best spots.

  • Record Conditions

ANGLR automatically logs the important weather and water variables behind every catch.

  • Switch rods easily

You can easily swap your ANGLR to any rod using the rubber mounts.  The mount is non-obtrusive, and does not affect the action of your rod.

What you see

Here’s an example of the resulting log created with the ANGLR Tracker:

Knowles Pond

ANGLR Log for fishing trip

What’s included?

  • 1 ANGLR Tracker
  • 2 Rubber Mounts,
  • 12 Mount Rings (assorted sizes),
  • Charger, and
  • FREE 12 Month ANGLR Membership (a $50 value).

How to get ANGLR

You can order an ANGLR from Amazon.

You may also order more rubber mounts for your rods:

4 ANGLR rubber mounts

8 ANGLR rubber mounts

Don’t take just MY word for it!

Here’s a video from ANGLR to explain it’s features:

You can also review their FAQs here:

<< Click here to view ANGLR’s FAQ page >>

And here’s a review from Kayak Hacks:

What do you think?

Please let me know what you think of the ANGLR Tracker. OR how do YOU keep your fishing log up-to-date?

Tight lines,

Roger, The Smiling BassHole